Family Child Science Days:
As the ACI35 family, we wanted our little friends to spend time with science during the difficult period of quarantine. Within the scope of our Family Child Science Days Project, we prepared experiment videos, so that our little friends can learn with fun, and experiment with materials that they can easily find at home. (For now, we only have Turkish subtitles.)

Robotics Lessons:
For the students of FRC and the beginner teams, who are eager to learn under every circumstance, we as the ACI35 family planned robotic lessons to share our knowledge and experience to be broadcasted on Microsoft teams.
Good news for the ones that have missed our lessons: You can find each lesson on our YouTube channel!!

Let’s Overcome The Barriers:
We launched our Let’s Overcome the Barriers Project, specifically on World Deaf Day. We decided to add subtitles to our videos on our YouTube channel so that our hearing-impaired friends can benefit from these videos, to spend time with science and coding, and to offer equality of opportunity. With this project, we started as a reminder that obstacles do not make us disabled, that obstacles can be overcome, and to take part in overcoming these obstacles, we want to set an example for other teams and move one step closer to ensuring equality of opportunity. As the FRC 6988 team, we invite you to overcome the obstacles together.

During the quarantine period, we initiated two projects as ACI35: Family Child Science Days, where we aimed to make our little friends spend time having fun with science during the quarantine period and love science more with experiments at home; and Let’s Code the Future, where our mechanical team provided training related to coding with Java, Electronics, Programming with Python, Javascript, Game Development with Unity and Solidworks. With these projects, our main goal was to increase knowledge by sharing. We broadcast the videos we prepared within the scope of these two projects on our YouTube channel (FRC 6988) to reach a wider audience.