Until recently, the only space station in orbit was the International Space Station. Soon, the only space station in orbit will be CSS (China Space Station), not ISS. This space station, whose main module was put into orbit last week, is planned to be completed by 2022. On April 28, 2021, Long March 5B, one of the most powerful rockets developed by China, was launched from the island of Hainan in the South China Sea. The 16.6 meter payload of this very powerful rocket with 4 booster is called “Tianhe”. This object, which means the harmony of the heavens, was the core module of a new space station. Thus, the construction of a T-shaped space station began with other modules to be sent until 2022. If all goes well, three astronauts to be sent in June will start living in this module. The newly built Chinese Space Station will look very similar to the Mir space station, which the Russians now have already completed. CSS, which will reach 100 metric tons, will consist of three main modules: After the first sent core module named Tianhe, two experimental modules will be permanently connected to both sides of this core. Tianhe, where astronauts will live for 6 months, and Wentian, who will be attached to him, are equipped with robotic arms. The other module Mengtian will have an airlock for maintenance and repair of experiments mounted outside the station. Tianhe will have a total of five connection points. Therefore, it will be possible to add extra modules for future extensions. The station is planned to operate for more than 10 years. During the next two years, 10 more launches will be made, and other modules and needs of the station will be completed. It is expected to move in low orbit at altitudes of 340 to 450 km and at a speed of about 25,000 km per hour.

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