Ada Lovelace, is one of the most influential writers and mathematicians of the 19th century. She is widely accepted as the first ever computer programmer. The reason for this is that she wrote the first algorithm carried out by Charles Babbage’s mechanical computer Analytical Machine. Her notes on this computer are vital for early computer history.

She was born as the child of famous poet Lord Byron. Her father left his children and wife 1 month after Ada was born and he died in war in Greece when Ada was 8 years old. Her mother supported Ada’s interest in mathematics and logic because she believed it would prevent the behaviors she labeled as craziness that she saw in her husband.

Although in her childhood she was often sick, she pursued her education with great care. She was in contact with scientists such as Andrew Crosse, Charles Babbage, David Brewster, Charles Wheatstone, Michael Faraday and famous writer Charles Dickens.

Ada was also interested in literature and poetry and she defined her approach to science as “poetical science”. She viewed herself as an analyst and metaphysician.  

Due to her mathematical talent she worked on the computer called Analytical Machine with Babbage. She had a vision for the computer as more than just a mere tool for simple calculations. At that time Babbage and many scientists alike, were only interested in those limited functions.  

Because of her poetical science approach, she was drawn to asking questions about the Analytical Machine. With these inquiries she questioned the relationship of individuals and societies with technology. 

She passed away due to cancer in 1852, when she was 36.

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