Our Innovation Challenge project is called “Ready, Set, PINK!”. Our main goal with this project is to help breast cancer patients follow their sports and diet programs while also helping them adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This project first came to mind when we were doing research on cancer patients. We came across an article about how exercising helps reduce symptoms of cancer and increase the mortality rate of a cancer patient. In order to learn more about this topic, we organised a meeting with experts. As a result of our meeting, we learned that breast cancer patients who exercise have a much higher recovery rate than patients who do sports with other cancer types and we decided to focus entirely on breast cancer patients in our project. After all of our research was done, we started thinking about what could be done to help and how it could be done. 

The first thing we had to consider was the Covid-19 outbreak. During the pandemic, many people had to stay at home because of the virus. In addition, gyms were closed in many places as a result of the increase in corona cases. For this reason, it was very difficult to reach environments where breast cancer patients could go out and do sports. In this way, the idea of ​​creating an application that will safely facilitate the lives of women with breast cancer emerged.

The next step on our project was thinking about what we could include in our application and how we could implement it. In the first step of our application we included parts such as the exercise suggestions, diet recommendations and warnings segment. In the exercise suggestions segment, patients are given suitable exercises that will help them increase their movements throughout the day. In the diet recommendations segment, the breast cancer patients are given exemplary diet routines. And finally in the warnings segment, a list of circumstances are given for when it is too dangerous for the patients to continue exercising.

With this project we were chosen to be the only Turkish semi-finalist team of the FIRST Innovation Challenge. Currently, we are working on improving our project until the semi-finals. We aim to put our project into practice and help many women.

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