12 Monkeys

2 years ago, if a man suddenly appeared and said that he came from the future, talking about a virus that would change our whole life, lock us in houses, and kill nearly 10 thousand people every day, would we listen to him or would we say he was crazy?

Terry Gilliam’s 1995 science fiction movie makes the audience ask this question. With the death of most of the world’s population due to a virus that appears in the movie in 1996, and the rest begin to live underground, our hero James Cole is sent back to 1996 to find out how the virus emerged.

With the successful acting of Bruce Willis, Madeliene Stowe, Brad Pitt, Cristopher Plummer, and David Morse combined with the right-minded critiques of the functioning of the capitalist world, the contradictions of modern life, the relativity of time, the film could easily be placed among the sci-fi classics, with an IMDB point of 8. 

It is even more interesting to watch the movie, in our current situation. Perhaps a rather apocalyptic future world order portrayed in the film seems much closer now. The question is, would we rely on someone from the future who supposedly came to help us when there are so many anti-mask and vaccines even in the present world?

The Novel of a Scientist: Mustafa İnan

A few years after his death, TÜBİTAK requested Oğuz Atay to write a biography for Mustafa İnan, one of the pioneers of his time in the field of applied and theoretical mechanics and one of the founders of TÜBİTAK. It can be said that Oğuz Atay put all his heart into this biography. The book is more fluid, novel-like than an endless biography as if one were chatting with Mustafa Inan.

Atay tells about someone who has devoted his life to science, rather than a passenger. It is the challenging adventure of a small-town child born into the First World War, amid internal turmoil, becoming an internationally renowned scientist.

By telling the story of a scientist, coming from our culture, Oğuz Atay also critiques internalized social patterns of our culture. The reader is nudged to act, to leave a mark in this world, to go on his own adventure when the book finishes.

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