Water on the Moon! 

Exciting news came from NASA towards the last months of 2020. In the study, using the Stratosphere Observatory Telescope SOFIA, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine revealed that there is water in the southern hemisphere of the Moon. Although it is not known whether this water can be used as a resource yet, this development is very important for the scientific world. Who knows, maybe one day there will really be a life for us up in space. 


If we look at the latest developments, the Super Earth orbiting one of the oldest stars in the Milky way galaxy has been discovered as an exoplanet. According to astronomical standards, this planet is approximately 50% larger than Earth, three times the mass of our Earth, and because it is located outside of our solar system, this planet conforms to the “Super Earth” standards. It was said that the planet “TOI-561b” contains a magma ocean and there may be two other smaller planets orbiting the same star. It is also known that this planet is likely to have housed life in the past. Lauren Weiss who is a professor at the University of Hawaii expressed her thoughts by saying “Gosh, if we’ve only been around for 5 billion years, imagine what could have happened on a rocky world that’s been around for 10 billion years.” at the annual meeting of American Astronomical Society. These developments really give us hope that one day there may be life in space.

Recent Developments in Covid-19 Vaccines 

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 vaccines are at the top of the news that everyone is eagerly waiting for. As you know, the vaccine that has been developed by China has reached Turkey and our health care workers have started to get vaccinated. 

As for other vaccine developments, many different vaccines have passed to the 2nd and 3rd phase. As you know, a vaccine must pass 3 more phases after passing the animal tests. The vaccine developed by the Israel Biological Research Institute goes into the second phase. The vaccine of the California-based company Arcturus has also gone into phase 2. The vaccine that is developed by India is in the third phase. Hearing these developments is very good for all of us nowadays while we are stuck in our houses. We hope that we can return to our normal lives as soon as possible.

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