We, as ACI35, are a team that is always looking for new ways to share, spread STEAM and increase the love towards it. During the quarantine period, the experiment videos we prepared for our little friends as a part of our Family Child Science Days project, Robotics Trainings provided by our mechanical team, and the posts we made on our social media account are just some of them.

In 2021, we are here with a brand new project: A magazine prepared with pleasure by us and hopefully a magazine that our dear readers will also enjoy: VISION!

With our magazine, we aim to update our readers on what is happening in the STEAM world with a fun and informative method!

Our journal has 6 main titles. Under these main headings, there are articles prepared with care and effort by the members of our team.

  • What Has ACI35 Done?

Under this heading, we talk about the projects and future plans of our team, we also aim to set an example for other teams.

  • What’s Happening in the World of Science?

Under this heading, we aim to announce the innovations of our age to more people with informative articles about the magical developments of the science world.

  • Biography

Our articles, which will give you the opportunity to get to know the important names of the science world, will be presented to our valuable readers under this title!

  • Awareness Raising Corner

Nowadays, it is a fact that there are many topics to be more aware about. As the ACI35 team, we also reserved a place, Awareness Raising Corner in our magazine, aiming to raise awareness to these areas that need immediate attention!

  • Movie / Book Recommendations

Our corner where we will recommend great science fiction movies, books, biographies that everyone should spare their time to watch or read. The recommendations will be carefully selected by our team for our beloved readers!

  • Crossword Puzzle

And of course, fun and didactic puzzles, which are indispensable for every magazine and newspaper, will also be a part of our magazine!

It is a great pleasure for us to share the first edition of our magazine with you. We hope it will be an enjoyable reading for you.

With love from the ACI35 family…

Good reading!

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